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Ramble N’ Roll: Skateboarding Audio Stories. I’ve recently launched a new beta project that seeks to curate and produce skateboarding oral histories via the medium of sound. For the past few years I have been ruminating with this idea of documenting the oral histories of skateboarders, ranging from past pros and skate shop owners to the everyday skater and their advocates. The project surfaced through my love for skateboarding, the recordings I’ve collected from traveling, and my belief in the importance of  learning from and preserving the everyday histories of people.

Full Project Description

Ramble N’ Roll is a project dedicated to documenting skateboarding through the medium of sound. It seeks to curate, archive, and introduce the voices of individuals, of communities, and of those that transform ideas into reality. At the end of the day it is all an organic experiment. You will find recorded voices of people who are not only skateboarders, but who are mothers, fathers, artists, musicians, advocates, engineers, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs, and much more. The voices of those that have shaped the art of skateboarding in the past and those that will transform it tomorrow. (Project Launched Online September 2012)

Sample Track

Miles Gehm’s story via the Sound Series: Friday Night Grinds, which documents the regulars who come out to skate San Jose’s Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark under the lights. 
How can I submit or follow this project?


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