Sometimes I think the best way to re-evaluate our ideas, learn, and collaborate is through dialogue with others whether it’s through communicating in person or through technology these days. Here is a space to share your comments, thoughts, and stories whether they were set off from these pieces or just an idea that was crossing your mind.

5 thoughts on “reviews

  1. Michael Tong says:

    After I review your web page. I noticed you been traveling a lot and did a lot of things. I am glad to see you grow up so independent and most of all, you went out and see things. I remember when you was a little baby.. One time I put you in a room and close the door while you were there alone. You were crying like crazy after that. I had to pick you up and swing you around a few times to made you laugh. Oh boy, time goes so fast. Anyway, Patty Great job on this web site and just keep doing what you are doing!

  2. Lynwood Jones says:

    Patty, I checked back in to view your project that you did while in Durham.Great job.The cross section of personalities you highlighted really illustrate Durham.I gained a perspective from hearing each story that drew me in closer to absorb the truth ,the sharing of another’s walk through this life.the mixing of the brackground music and sounds was very good .I played several of the segments many times and each time was able to glean more and more content which was present just under the voice of the speaker.God Bless You .It was very nice to met you ,continue to grow ,connect and express. Lynwood Jones

    • pfungcollects says:

      Lynwood – I’m delighted that we crossed paths in Durham, that you were able to allow me to remember my time there through your story, and that you were willing to share it with others. Thank you for your support and encouragement as it motivates me to continue with my curiosity and passions. I hope you continue to share your music and story with the world and that we’ll be stay in touch.

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