[Travel] Quick Guide to Tokyo for Cat Lovers

Most of the time I have no set itinerary before I travel. When I had the opportunity to spend 5 days in Tokyo, I was giddy with the sight of cute fluffy street cats, cat knick-knacks, cat themed street art and much more. On top of the local history, food and sights, a lot of … Continue reading [Travel] Quick Guide to Tokyo for Cat Lovers

[Video & Travel] Kovalam Beach // India // Surf

My partner and I traveled to Kovalam Beach (also known as Lighthouse Beach), India during June 2015 to explore the surf and culture of the region. Most days the wave conditions were rough at the start of monsoon season, but on the days when the sea was calmer there was fun to be had. A … Continue reading [Video & Travel] Kovalam Beach // India // Surf