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Must be mother nature’s karma for his gory tv and movies.


Nothing like diving in head first and giving your dried laundry a hug in the winter. Probably the equivalent feeling as going #2.


When you stop giving a ****. I finally understand why everyone wears leggings everywhere. They are so comfy!


The Trader Joe’s Diet


Laundry Day Epiphany.


Q: If your spouse farts in public and no one else is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? A: YES! The whole world can hear it!


One time at the new small dog park. Social anxiety continues.


Jk…or am I?!


“Oh watch me, watch me” What I hear/imagine happens at 6am in the kitchen between him and the cat.


One time at McDonalds (real dogs, imaginary conversation).


Surfing with your spouse. The AM struggle is real.


Ooo would you call him chubby?


Now accepting pins and patches.


Who would be the nominee in your relationship? I love watching Queer Eye on Netflix.


I call this one “Slices”.


Communication 101: Speaking Straightforward vs. Disguising What You Want in the Form of a Question. Working on it.

SF Roundabout Doodle By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

San Francisco seems afraid of the function and full potential of a traffic circle design.

Wedding Sitter Doodle By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

What sitters talk about while everyone else is dancing at weddings.

Cat Massage Doodle By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

Cat massage.

Haircut Doodle By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

Questions are actually statements.

Howl Doodle By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

When a siren sounds these days.

More and More By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

He always has an answer.

Morning Breathe By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

When you wake up for hugs but struggle with morning breath.

Muffin Making By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

Another reason one should own a cat.

The Edge By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

Last night’s drama queen.

The Force Doodle By Patty Fung @pfungcollects

I tried this Sunday. I definitely do not have the force. But it would have been useful in this situation.