Plant Hangers

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Hi! I’m Patty and I’d like to introduce myself as you may have found out about my handmade plant hangers. I’m a SFUSD special education aide by day and I currently make plant hangers out of my grandma’s living room. I got into plant hangers because I love collecting plants and my black cat loves eating them too. So it brings me great joy to make this functional art for others who need a safe spot for their plants. Each knot is made with focus, intent and a splash of imagination.

If you’d like to commission a custom plant hanger for your needs please DM me on Instagram: @pfungcollects or email: for more information on pricing and styles || Full Portfolio of Work: Here

My work has been featured at Living Room Plant Co., Plant Therapy SF, Rainbow Grocery, Plant House by Rare Device and Sustain LA.

Each piece is made in San Francisco, California out of recycled cotton cord. 🪴

Getting Started with Your New Plant Hanger

  • *I like to hang it on my clothing rack (or something similar to that level) before placing it on the ceiling. This allows me to set it up and style it to my liking at eye level. You could also have someone else hold if for you if you don’t have a S-Hook to do so.
  • Center the hanger by aligning the hole on the bottom of the pot (or the center point if using a cachepot) with the tassel knot.
  • Make sure none of the leaves or stems are pinched under the hanger cords.
  • Adjust the pot until it is leveled.
  • Adjust stems and leaves so they flow naturally or to your liking.
  • Hang on a ceiling hook or use a S-Hook for a different location.
  • Use your hands to smooth out the tassel due to any creasing during shipping. If you’d like, use a comb to tidy up the fringes at the bottom of the tassel if desired from time to time.
  • You can even trim the tassel to your desired length once hung.
  • Enjoy!

Plant Hanger Tips and Tricks

  • Ideal for indoor use. Wood, color and cotton material will naturally wear out faster outdoors.
  • S-hooks are great for hanging them on just about anything including narrow ceiling hooks. S-hooks come in all different lengths, so you can find longer ones if you have a high ceiling.
  • Toggle Bolts – Don’t have a ceiling stud for a screw-in hook? Try a toggle bolt for support.
  • Clothing racks are also a great place to hang and display your plants.
  • Placing the plastic nursery pot within a cachepot (a pot without holes) is great for watering without removing the plant from the hanger. However, if you are a heavy water, you’ll still have to empty out your cachepot to avoid having your plant sit in the residual water.


How can I buy?

You can find my plant hangers at the stores mentioned above in San Francisco, Pacifica, and Los Angeles, California or in my web shop. You can also DM me on Instagram or email for a custom order form request. With the form you’ll have access to and be able to select from all the colors, loop options and knot types. I can also work with you to create a vibe that you like, such as boho, earthy or fun and bold (my favorite!). All purchases are final, so please do choose carefully or provide as much detail as possible on custom orders.

How does shipping work?

I ship with the U.S. Postal Service using a standard shipping fee. A USPS tracking number will be provided upon shipment. It normally takes 3 days to deliver within California and up to 5 days in the US. Currently not shipping internationally. There is also free delivery within the Sunset District :)

I do my best to up-cycle materials. Your order will be packaged in clean/reused paper and may be shipped in a reused mailer. Once I finish the current batch of manila envelopes, I’ll be transitioning to 100% compostable mailers which are even designed to be reused by you, how neat!

Additionally, upon shipment or local delivery, we are not liable for errors made by the shipping carrier and lost or stolen packages.

Are pots and plants included?

No :) Just the plant hanger.

Do you offer wholesale?

I normally work on a consignment bases to ensure all retail prices are the same across all vendors. As of June 2021 I do offer a modified wholesale option with a list of set retail prices. Feel free to contact me for more information.

I’d like to learn to make plant hangers, where do you get your cord from?

I source my recycled cotton cord from a woman owned company out of Florida called Ganxxet. I work with their 4 mm soft cotton zero waste single strand cord for a lighter look and I like their 3mm 3-ply cotton rope for added texture. Flat pattern hangers are made from the 3mm 3-ply rope. I enjoy supporting them for their sustainability measures. You can also find cords at your local craft store.

I’m new to plants, what are some great hanging plants for beginners?

I’m a big fan of any hanging plants in the pothos or philodendron category. Here is a list of some of my favorite beginner plants that need bright indirect light and watered weekly: golden pothos, marble pothos, neon pothos, satin pothos, neon philodendron, philodendron brazil, variegated and non-variegated spider plants (have great fountaining leaves and little babies that shoot off, which can also be easily propagated), and ric-rac/zig-zag/fishbone cacti. Then as you graduate from the beginner plants, you can try out string of pearls and string of hearts, which need more attention to light and their soil needs to dry out between waterings. Lastly, the “divas”, prayer plants and various ferns are beautiful hung, but they need a lot of attention to lighting and watering. For these, too much direct light will burn the leaves and even too much chlorine in tap water can cause leaf tip browning for prayer plants. One way to reduce chlorine levels is to let your tap water sit/air out for 24 hours. Most importantly, don’t over water. Let the soil dry out between waterings. You can use your fingers to poke about 2 inches into the soil to evaluate the moisture level. Plants teach us a lot of things, so you’ll learn a lot as you go and with and observant eye, your plant will tell you what it needs based on how the leaves look. Have fun!